Group Workouts


Getting married? Want to perfect your summer body? Training for your first race?

What ever your current level of fitness, join me and likeminded others to keep motivated towards your fitness goals.

Chasing a new Personal Record? Pre-ski season training?

You're already active and have participated in a few races but want to improve. My classes are based on functional training with a lot of focus on core and strength to help you see those improvements you're looking for.

Mums-to-be and new mums.

Meet other mums-to-be and new mums whilst staying fit. As a YMCA Awards Level 3 certified trainer for adapting exercises for ante and post natal clients, your workouts will be led with expert guidance from me to keep exercises safe for you and your baby.

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Mums that Work Out

Mondays and Thursdays
10.40am-11.40am and 10am-11am

Looking to get back into fitness after having your baby? Not sure of where to start? Want a group workout that is specifically tailored for your postpartum body?

Perhaps you are already active but want to do some structured training to improve your core and strength.

These classes are also suitable for mums who are some years postpartum but never did much sports and want a workout that is mum-friendly. Come and join other mums and get fit together. Bring your baby along!


@Her Street, Eaux-Vives


CHF30 per session

CHF125 for 5 sessions


Lunch time workout for Mums

Coming Soon

In order to enable busy working mums to carve out some time to do postnatal appropriate exercises, the lunch time class was created.

We work out in Parc de Vermont, opposite the La Chachette cafe. This 45 min session allows you to get there and back all during your lunch break!

Come and meet other likeminded mums whilst getting a specially designed fitness workout.

CHF20 per session, every 10th session free


The Elite Women's Running Squad

Coming Soon

Are you, or do you think you have the potential to be a strong runner? If yes, join the elite squad of fast women! We will train together and represent a team at local running events to help highlight that women can be strong and fast too! Entry to squad by application.

Your target should be to run 5km in under 20minutes, 10km in under 40 minutes or a Half-Marathon in under 1hr40minutes.